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Summer House Orphanages Photo Gallery
Below is a collections of pictures that show the Escobars and supporters of the Summer House Orphanage Foundation. Each photo has a caption and will expand when selected. Photo captions indicate how the picture is related to the Mission of the Summer House Orphanage Foundation and who may be supporting our message.
Summer House Orphanage located 40 minutes north of  Medellin
The first Home-Style Summer House Orphanage ready to be retro-fitted to accept orphans
Sylvester and Jennifer Stallone and Heather and Joe Escobar
Joe Escobar (left)  and Attorney Robert Seal (right) with CEO, Carlos  of  "La Huerta del Oriente", manufacturers of Ready-Made Meals for needy families, military and disaster response
Visiting "La Huerta del Oriente" corporation, Summer House Board member and attorney Robert Seal showing a Ready-Made Meal package
Presenting the Summer House Orphanage to the Rotary Club in Medellin, Colombia Joe Escobar (left), Attorney Robert Seal
Visiting La Ciudad de la Nina/City of the Little Girl government orphanage in Bogota, Colombia. Attorney Robert Seal (left), Major Mendez-Gaviria and Joe Escobar
Visiting "La Casita  Nicolas" Orphanage in Medellin, Colombia. Attorney Robert Seal (left), Luis, Orphanage Director Claudia, Joe Escobar and Colombian Advisor to the Summer House Foundation, Alfonso Restrepo
Karen Hughes, Advisor to President G.W. Bush and Joe Escobar
Mr. K. Kennedy, Advisor to President Reagan and Joe Escobar
Carl Cameron, Journalist and Joe Escobar
President G.W. Bush and Joe Escobar. President Bush spoke admirably of the mission of the Escobars.
Ricky Schroeder and Heather Escobar at the Presidential Ball
Jacquelyn Smith and Joe Escobar at  the Presidential Ball
Author of "The Maker's Diet" and "Beyond Organic", Jordan Rubin and the Escobars. The Escobars thank Amy and Mike Azzarro for introducing them to Jordan and the Beyond Organic food program
Christmas Dinner Give-Away. Not all 100 families are depicted.